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0003Country: Romania, 2013/
Emanuel Parvu/
Emanuel Parvu/
In the Danube Delta, people are guided by archaic beliefs that are misunderstood by others. Even the Earth is not in harmony with their antiquated customs and the process of digging up dead after 10 years in order to wash their bones can skid in a real unpleasant event. But one family from Sfantu Gheorghe town decides to ignore the requirement of the priest to stop digging after corpses, believing that they are doing what is right after customs and traditions./
Cast: Dorina Lazăr, Constantin Cojocaru, Andi Vasluianu, Anca Sigartău, Mircea Andreescu, Medeea Marinescu, Dorian Boguţă, Liliana Mocanu, Ana Ciontea, Cosmina Stratan, Vlad Corbeanu, Marius Chivu, Emanuel Parvu, Ilie Gheorhe

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