Have You Seen Napoleon?

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ssssssssCountry: UK, 2011/
Remy Bazerque/
Remy Bazerque/
Sebastian is an eccentric piano teacher with a penchant for Beethoven and impossible love affairs. Secretly infatuated with his student’s sister, Roxanne, he resolves to declare his love for her as he heads to their house for his weekly lesson. But his plans are threatened by the arrival of the one thing Sebastian fears most, his most sinister nightmares incarnate: a nauseatingly cute kitten./
Éva Magyar, Benjamin Tholozan, Alix Riemer/


Recalculating / Recalculando

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Recalculando1Country: Argentina, 2014/
Director: Ingrid Pokropek/
Writer: Ingrid Pokropek/
Synopsis: What appeared to be another daily commute unbearable, becomes a decisive debate with the least thought of companions for Ruben./
Cast: Francisco Cataldi, Guido Garófalo/


Long Weekend

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1412274_261513344011769_780880644_oCountry: Germany, 2014/
Director: Julius Grimm/
Writers: Bernd Blaschke, Julius Grimm/
Synopsis: Five people get stuck in the elevator of a shopping center. Unfortunately the security guard, who should receive the emergency call, is one of them and is afraid of disclosing his identity./
Cast: Christoph Stoiber, Isabella Wolf, Florian Günther, Stefanie von Poser, Simon Pearce/



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10968910_10153068115024443_341718658_oCountry: Romania, 2006/
Gabriel Achim/
Gabriel Achim/
There is no merciful eyes to repair small existential accidents! The absurdity does not forget anyone! “Saga” is a black comedy show about 30 years of life of a basarabean’s family , chronicled in 7 and a half minutes. The family is not necessarily a special one: an alcoholic father , a libertine teenager and a depressed mother. What’s really spectacular is the usual fate of this family: both hilarious and lugubrious destiny./
Dragoș Bucur (voce), Gabriel Spahiu, Ilie Gâlea, Mădălina Ghițescu./



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photogramme32-2Country: France, 2013/
Barthélemy Despax/
Barthelemy Despax
When Antoine wakes up, he has no idea where he is. Discovering that he is actually dead and at the service of reincarnations will not be easy for him, moreover the officials of the service are not very helpful/


Chains of Love / Ketten der Liebe

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KDL-Still-02Country: Germany, 2013/
Director: Martina Plura/
Writers: Maike Rasch/
Synopsis: Hannah wants to surprise the love of her life. But instead it is she who’s surprised – another girl!? Hannah has to flee. But in underwear? Accompanied by a polar bear? Hannah just wants to die. Luckily, that’s not that easy either./
Cast: Lotta Doll, Matthias Ludwig, Lena Röpert/



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radu___ana_2Country: Romania, 2014/
Director: Paul Negoescu/
Writers: Simona Ghita (screenplay), Paul Negoescu (screenplay)/
Synopsis: Radu is the unluckiest person in the world. Things might change. Or not./
Cast: Bogdan Marhodin, Olivia Nita/



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10463874_348138705388245_8219103589512615986_nCountry: Romania, 2013/
Director: Alexandru Aurelian Ispas/
Writers: Alexandru Aurelian Ispas / Anca Istudor/
Synopsis: A small community of people prepare for the most extraordinary event of their lives./
Cast: Teo Alexandru Dochioiu, Daniel Trușcă, Alexandru Șocarici, Mihail și Gavril Chinez, Gheorghe Visu, Dan Condurache, Adriana Trandafir, Petre Moraru, Ioana Calotă, Adrian Anghel, Mihai Marinescu, Eduard Cîrlan, Miriam Rizea, Bogdan Costea, Mirela Hurjui, Victoria Dicu/


Stray Dogs

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1090986_519117428165275_945452892_oCountry: USA, 2014/
Santiago Limon /
Derek Stuckert /
Stray Dogs tells the story of Sidney Mitchell, a hard nosed old man who lives by himself on the outskirts of a dusty Southern Californian Border Town./
David Purdham, Jose Diaz, Timothy Ryan Cole


Total Freak

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slide3Country: USA, 2014/
Director: Andrew Ellmaker/
Writer: Andrew Ellmaker, Emily Ragsdale/
Synopsis: In this summer camp horror-comedy, a young teen pursues a mean girl and discovers a secret about the lake./
Cast: Logan Riley Bruner, Alison Jaye Horowitz/


Border Patrol

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droppedImage_2Country: Germany, 2013/
Director: Peter Baumann/
Writer: Peter Baumann/
Synopsis: Carl and Franz are all ready to get off work and watch the big match against Austria when they make an unwelcome discovery. So, deal with it, or make it someone Else’s problem?/
Cast: Till Butterbach, Seppi Scholler, Wolfgang Fischer/



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0Country: USA , 2011/
Director: Michael E. Wood/
Writer: Chris Arp/
Synopsis: An ex-con gets into the wrong cab, and will have to survive a wild ride involving kidnapped Sikhs, Jewish cops, the Black mafia, and two of the dumbest criminals in Brooklyn./
Cast: Tyler Fischer, Christopher Hemmings, James Holloway, Elom Ketosugbo, Kwami Ketosugbo, Eden Marryshow, Jean-François Ogoubiyi, Celester Rich, Damiyr Shuford/

She’s a Fox

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fox2Country: USA, 2013/
Director: Cameron Sawyer/
Writer: Cameron Sawyer/
Synopsis: Infatuated with the hottest girl in school, fifth-grader, Cameron, puts everything on the line – including his mullet – to win the girl of his dreams./
Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Jake Nutty, Troy Romzek, Stephani Drapeua, Anthony Michael Scott/


Banana Enthusiasts

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Alex,Tom,bananaCountry: UK, 2013/
Director: Ryutaro Saito/
Writers: Adam Bacon, Thomas Bennett/
Synopsis: Two best friends become the cult leaders of their own religion: ‘Bananaism’./
Cast: Adam Bacon, Thomas Bennett, Philip Corwin/


Temp to Perm

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2Country: Singapore | USA, 2013/
Director: Philip DeRise/
Writer: Philip DeRise/
Synopsis: The only thing separating Peter Jenkins from his dream of World Peace was the paperwork.

Strung Love film still #2

Strung Love

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Strung Love promotional photo #2Country: Romania, 2010/
Victor Dragomir/
Victor Dragomir/
May 1984. Viorel – a nerd from the smithing class of a communist industrial high-school – enters a rivet-production contest hoping to win the attention and affection of Ileana – a schoolmate from the sewing class./
Sorin Cocis , Gabriel Costin, Marian Despina, Stefan Huluba, Bogdan Marhodin, Andrei Mateiu, Alice Nicolae, Olivia Nita, Alexandru Potocean


At Your Convenience

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Randall_Dwayne_sc01Country: USA, 2012/
Raymond C. Lai/
“‘At Your Convenience’ is a short film that chronicles the madcap misadventures of lifelong buddies, Randall Bang and Dwayne Lewis. These two 30-something adolescents must navigate the peaks and troughs of owning and operating a convenience store together, whilst balancing their friendship amidst poor judgment, bad ideas, and zero conception of reality. They’ll either finally get each other, or simply get each other killed.”/
Randall Park, Dwayne Perkins, Barry Brisco/

Melon Head Poster


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Melon Head PosterCountry: USA, 2013/
Andy Fortenbacher/
Andy Fortenbacher (story), Zac Page (screenplay)/
Rob Cristiano/
Gordon is infatuated with Wendy, but can’t figure out how to win her over. After receiving some god-awful advice that women are turned on by things that scare them, Gordon sets out to take Wendy on the most terrifying date of her life: a late night trip into the woods where cannibalistic creatures known as the “Melon Heads” are rumored to live./
Jonathan Spencer, Tracey Walker, Nadyne Parr




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1040733_575065705875675_436457361_oCountry: Switzerland, 2014/
Director & Editor:
Luca Zuberbühler/
Whenever Lothar sneezes, things happen to explode. Therefore he isolates himself from the outer world. As his beloved toaster breaks, he faces a dilemma./
Priska Elmiger as Mother, Aaron Hitz as Lothar, Lucas Zibulski as Young Lothar/



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2Country: USA, 2013/
Director, Writer, Editor/Eco-Man Actor:
Jack Brook/
Johnny Henderson wants to be a superhero and realizes that he can be one by saving the Earth. He dons a skin-tight green suit and takes on the neighborhood litterers as Eco-Man, albeit with mixed results./
Jack Brook, Dorris Richmond, Jasper McEvoy, Madeline Lee, Patrick McEvoy, Elaine Johnson/

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