Preferably Blue

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PB3Country: New Zeeland, 2011
Director: Alan Dickson
Synopsis:Preferably Blue is a bittersweet fairytale that your parents would never have readto you before bedtime. Their fear that you may turn out to be a bitter adult, knocking back anti-depressants like they were liquorice allsorts, if you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, was probably the reason.
Based on real events, it’s the story of how the Easter Bunny managed to stop drinking and found peace, joy, and a good friend. It’s also the story of Santa. We all know that “modern shopping mall” Santa is just some guy dressed up in a musty, damp, sweaty red suit. But ours the story of the real Santa, who was indeed a very nice chap, but lonely. Oh so lonely.
Together, Santa and Easter Bunny will discover the true meaning of Christmas, which, surprisingly, is getting a Banana seat bike.
Before when I said that Preferably Blue is based on real events, I didn’t mean Santa and Easter Bunny, because they’re not real. But when I was young all I wanted was a banana seat bike and I never got one. I got models of tractors instead and that made me miserable. Every Christmas the Bromley family who lived next door would be riding around on their new bikes, and I’d watch them
from inside, pushing my dumb tractor up and down the windowsill.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story.
Wayne Ching (Writer)

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