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Baby at Any Price / Bébé à tout prix

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bebe_a_tout_prix_etal_prores_2K 08186Country: France, 2014/
Directors: Guillaume Clicquot de Mentque (as Guillaume Clicquot) , Guillaume Clicquot de Mentque
Writer: Guillaume Clicquot de Mentque/
Synopsis: Moved and proud of his cute baby, Julien promises again to Sophie his wife to take care of the child tonight. Then begins a horrible night during which the baby wakes up every single hour.
First enthusiastic, Julien gets more and more nervous whereas his wife is exulting at her husband’s misfortune. The following morning, Sophie has an appointment with Ms Chapon who receives her with the baby. We then learn that Sophie has just rented a baby to put her husband’s motivation to become a father to the test./
Cast: Marie-Christine Adam, Laetitia Fourcade, Jean-Pierre Michael/

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